Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Zoom meetings

Zoom is one of the more popular virtual meeting apps that is gaining popualarity now that more people are in lockdown throughout the world because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The problem with apps like Zoom and Houseparty is their privacy and security settings.

Zoom has been under scrutiny by many lawmakers, security experts and even the FBI now that it has become so popular.

Zoom has experienced security and privacy concerns before.

Apple was forced to step in and silently remove Zoom software from Macs last year after a serious security vulnerability let websites hijack Mac cameras.

In recent weeks, scrutiny over Zoom’s security practices has intensified, with a lot of the concern focused on its default settings and the mechanisms that make the app so easy to use.

For example Zoom generates a random ID number between 9 to 11 digits long and it is very easy to guess a meeting number allowing so called Zoombombers to join meetings uninvited. This can only occur if a Zoom user initiating a meeting doesn't change the default settings.

Zoom adjusted these default settings for education accounts last week, “in an effort to increase security and privacy for meetings.” For everyone else, you’ll need to tweak your Zoom settings to ensure this never happens.

Zoom initially wasn't designed for what it's being use for during the pandemic so they would have to tighten their privacy and security protocols or they may be facing heavy fines and charges in the near future.

For now people are enjoying it's services during these trying times by connecting with family, friends and even colleagues that are in lockdown.

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