Friday, March 20, 2020

Google Doodle honors father of personal hygiene

Doctor Ignaz Semmelweis dubbed the "Father of Infection Control" was honored by Google with a Doodle highlighting washing your hands.

Doctor Semmelweis was a Hungarian physician widely recognized for discovering the importance of washing your hands.

Semmelweis discovered that the high rate of mothers dying in the Maternity Clinic at the Vienna General Hospital where he was chief resident was because of infectious diseases carried by surgeons from other operating theatres.

He started making surgeons disinfect their hands with a solution of chlorinated lime before procedures. The mortality rate dropped drastically.

Semmelweis was only recognised for his work after his death in 1865.

Today his research is helping us stop spread the coronavirus and other diseases that might be endangering us. So wash your hands!

Below is an example of how effective washing your hands in the proper way can be:

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