Saturday, March 14, 2020

Coronavirus Health Scams - 3 tips to protect yourself

As the coronavirus epidemic worsens worldwide there are scams coming up providing medicine and vaccines to cure the virus.

Here’s how to avoid getting scammed by companies making false claims about preventing and treating covid-19.

As the virus spreads people are doing more and more online shopping and are easily enticed by companies providing treatments and cures that haven’t been tested or approved by the FDA and FTC.

Some of the companies given warnings by the FTC were Vital Silver, Quinessence Aromatherapy, N-ergetics, GuruNanda, Vivify Holistic Clinic, Herbal Amy and The Jim Bakker Show.

They’re advertising essential oils and special teas to treat the virus and the FDA knows that only a vaccine developed under the right conditions and procedures will be able to treat it.

Social media is being flooded with these so called cures. It’s important not to be duped by these false claims. Avoid clicking on them and sending money to these companies preying on desperate people.

Below is a list to look out for when shopping online during these trying times:

Buying N95 face masks online isn’t safe

There are companies online claiming to be selling N95 masks. Avoid buying N95 masks online at all costs. They have to be CDC approved and one can’t verify that online. Masks shouldn’t be worn by people who aren’t infected with the virus. It doesn’t prevent you from getting it. The masks should only be worn by people infected by the virus to prevent other people around them from getting it.

Ignore claims that a vaccine is available

It would take almost a year before a vaccine is available. With clinical trials and tests a vaccine will only be available in 12 months or so. If you see any online ads or media news saying a vaccine has been developed it is most likely false. Don’t trust it.

Avoid products claiming to prevent coronavirus

Any product claiming to prevent the virus just by taking it is false. There is no harm in taking supplements and vitamins, like Vitamin C, to boost your immune system and improve your general health but don’t trust any product that specifically says it prevents coronavirus. There are no products that have been tested by the FDA and approved to prevent Covid-19 directly.

While governments and medical institutes are working tirelessly to develop a cure the public can practice the necessary hygiene precautions that are quickly becoming the norm these days with the spread of the virus.

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