Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hijacking and Highspeed Chases

It's Fathers Day. Most people are taking pleasant Sunday morning drives to visit their fathers on this pleasant day. This serenity was disturbed when a blue Toyota Corolla screamed past me on the way to a function in Newlands West.

I was turning left towards Umhlanga at the Umgeni Rd N2 interchange that is under construction when the Corolla weaved through traffic from the Makro side of Umgeni Rd. It wasn't his right of way so I knew there was something wrong. 

A few seconds later a Metro Police vehicle passed me and I immediately realized this was a hijacking. A second police vehicle chased after them. And they disappeared into the Parlock road towards Newlands.

A few minutes later I came upon them. The Corolla had crashed into a Hyundai i20 on the oncoming lane. The police officers were arresting the suspect and attending to the driver of the i20. 

Fortunately the driver of the i20 wasn't injured. He is from Gauteng visiting relatives in Durban for the long weekend. 

It's good to see the Police force doing something to curb crime in Durban. Hopefully this is the last bad incident this Fathers Day Sunday.

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