Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spiga Durban North

Today marks the long awaited opening of Spiga D'Oro Durban North.

A few of us were privileged to be invited to a pre-opening experience on Saturday 01 March 2014. The new restaurant is situated in Durban North on Mackuertan Avenue amongst a hub of other pubs, stores and restaurants.

The main difference from the original Spiga in Florida Road is that there is ample parking. I can proudly say that the original Spiga D'oro is my favourite place to eat out, so I was thrilled to be invited to the dinner by Karla and considered a regular.

The new establishment is spacious, clean and it has Heineken on tap! Unlike Spiga Florida Rd the tables are well spaced apart so you can't really eavesdrop on the table next to you.

Although it might not have the waiters that know your name upon entering and the intimacy that the original Spiga has it looks really promising. One thing for certain is that the food didn't disappoint. It is still the same delicious Italian taste that is synonymous with the Spiga brand.

Marco gave us an insight into where he is taking the Durban North branch. There will be a sandwich bar and deli for the early morning cyclists, runners and other early birds that opens everyday at 5am. The place needs a little more decor and he did mention that he was going to introduce some art and other cool stuff.

The restrooms are situated on the outside of the restaurant which poses a problem if there's heavy rain. But it's a short run if you don't mind a little sprinkle.

The new Spiga looks promising and one thing is certain that the north of Durban has definitely gained a new gem.

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