Monday, April 29, 2013

It's lank lekker boet!

This morning Gareth Cliff mentioned on 5FM a video on YouTube that is going viral in South Africa.

It is called Jozi Shore and it takes the Mickey out of the American TV series Jersey Shore and the Johannesburg East Rand culture of spray tans and gym freaks. It is extremely funny and as of this morning the video has 130000 views!

The video was made by Dean Jay Shamley and Anton Taylor.

I hope these guys make more Jozi Shore episodes as we need more humor in SA! Well done guys.

Some of the popular quotes viewers enjoyed are:

"I thought he was a bit of a gay!"

"Castle light! Of course h20s only 2 weeks away!"

"You know I don't really trust this place, I don't trust a man whose arms are thinner than a girls"

"This biscuit kak, nah nah"

"The biggest gym in the world, it's the kitchen boet"

"gumboots... I'm gonna be knee deep brother".

This is the video's description on YouTube:

Joburg's biggest boets in search of the H2O scene in the Cape. Follow Anton and his gheys, guided by his hipster cousin, while they attempt to "integrate" into Cape Town culture.

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