Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Draw Something

Draw Something is the latest app from OMGPOP. It's a game played on iPhone, Adnroid smartphones and other tablets. I'm fortunate I have a big screen on my iPad 2 because if you don't have a stylus drawing can be quite difficult if you want to be more creative than drawin just stick figures.

Basically you have to guess what your friend has drawn by watching a video of his drawing in progress. You get 10 scrambled letters and have to try to figure out what the drawing is. If you get it right then you earn gold coins. With these coins you can buy more colours.

Some people have done amazing drawings. But I suppose they're pros and are using a stylus.

Here are a few of my drawings. You can see more amazing drawings from Draw Something here.

Tell me what you think of my Draw Something drawings in the comments below.

1 comment:

  1. everyone is taking part in Draw Something. Draw Something is a super fun way to find out that you are a terrible artist and/or that your friends are super dumb and cannot figure something out. This is SO cool. Make people to comprehend that they need Draw Something skills.
    rugrats draw something