Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Twitter Blanket Drive #TBD 2011

The 4th of June 2011 marked the second Twitter Blanket Drive. Annually the South African Twitter community rally together to collect blankets at different venues all over the country for charity in anticipation of winter.

This year I helped with the #TBD in Durban. We had three venues setup and one down the South Coast. The venues in Durban were I Heart Market, Luna Rossa and Linvingston's Gastropub.

It was the first time that I attended the I Heart Market and discovered that it was a beautiful flea market that is held on the 1st Saturday of every month. It was great to see people dropping of blankets while enjoying the items on sale at the different stalls, good food and listening to the pleasant sounds made by the live bands playing.

The second venue was Luna Rossa which is situated in the outside food court at Gateway Theatre of Shopping. We were fortunate to experience great Durban weather and many Twitter users joined us for some cool refreshments when they dropped of their blankets.

Livingston's Gastropub in Durban North's Glenmore Center was the final venue and tweeps dropping of blankets had the opportunity to watch the Super Rugby game between the Sharks and Cheetahs while enjoying the good food and drinks provided by this popular establishment.

At the end of the day close to 500 blankets were collected and special thanks were in order for those that contributed to and donated blankets to the drive. Some businesses stepped up and matched donations and blanket contributions. One of the biggest was Makro with a R50 000 money donation and dropping the price of their blankets to cost for the week.

The blankets were donated to Izulu Orphans Project.

For more information on the Twitter Blanket Drive click here.

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