Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Once Upon A Time And Charlie's Angels 2011

This fall (autumn if you don't live in the US of A) ABC is releasing two new TV series that look very promising!

I have been privileged to be given the opportunity to have a first look at these TV series by Technorati and you can only view them by clicking on a link they send you as the videos are unlisted on YouTube.

The first one is Once Upon A Time. It is about a woman that gets drawn into the strange world of Storybrooke, the place where her son lives that she gave up 10 years ago.

After having a look at the video and discovering who the actors and writers are I am very excited for this to be released! The setting switches between a fairytale world and present time. Apparently all the characters from a fairytale book are trapped in this town and Anna/Emma Swan who might be Snow White and Prince Charming's daughter has to save them from the Evil Queen!

Some of the characters are played by some amazing actors with Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White, Josh Dallas as Prince Charming, Jennifer Morrison as Anna/Emma Swan, Lana Parilla as the Evil Queen (magic mirror and all) and Robert Carlyle as a weird inn keeper/Rumplestiltskin. I'm a bit confused with Jennifer Morrison's character because IMDB and every other online media including the YouTube link state that her character's name is Anna Swan but in the actual first look video clip I'm 100% sure that Robert Carlyle's character calls her Emma!

It might be a bit confusing at first as you would expect from Tron and Lost writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz but if it's great visuals and special effects you like then this is a must see! I'm sure this is going to be another TV series we're going to be addicted to. Hopefully we won't get lost in this story but will discover a happy ending!

The second show to premier next fall on ABC is a remake and not just any remake. It's about three sexy ladies kicking some bad guy butts! That's right! Charlie's Angels are back! It is produced by ex Charlie's Angel Drew Barrymore and the team that brought you the hit TV series Smallville, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar!

It stars Annie Ilonzeh, Minka Kelly and Rachel Taylor as Kate, Eve and Abby. Bosley gets a new look as he is played by Ramon Rodriguez. No more old, balding dude. Bosley is as young and sexy as his female counterparts! The girls are beautiful and a pleasure to watch.

With plenty of eye candy and the combination of Gough and Millar this is sure to be a hit. I'm a huge Smallville fan and was sad to see it end. Maybe an angel might be just what I need to lift my spirits when this show starts!

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this but here are the links to the first look videos Technorati sent us:

Once Upon A Time

Charlie's Angels

Will we get lost in the fairytale of Once Upon A Time or will it be hell or heaven to watch Charlie's Angels?

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