Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Happened Last Weekend?

Was pretty busy, but enjoyed every bit of it.

Went on a date on Friday night. The chicky took me back to her place after supper at Spiga and I made her give me a back massage. It was great. Not gonna say that I had a happy ending but was well satisfied. Met the boys at Vacca afterwards.

These clowns are crazy! When they get pissed they wanna hit on everything on two legs. I mean real dogs. I just stood back and watched the fun.

Saturday was chilled. Recharged my batteries in the morning. Took some friends out to Starlight Pops in the evening. Got seriously wasted on red wine! Nothing better to keep you warm on a cold winter's night. Ok, besides brandy.

Couldn't believe I got up early on Sunday morning to do the ECR Big Walk. Thankfully I registered for the 5Km walk. Wouldn't have managed the 10km let alone the 20km. Was fun though. Lot's of hot chicks in different get ups on the walk. Enjoyed it!

Aah! No sport for a change.

Bunny Ciao

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