Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Fake IPL Player Blogger

I just discovered this guys blog. It is so relevant to us because it's happening right here in Durban and SA. This guy is absolutely brilliant! What an opportunity he has chosen to create such a craze.

His blog whether it is true or not is absolutely entertaining and his writing skills are brilliant! It has created so much controversy amongst the tournament. Although he uses fake names you're able to figure out that the team he is blogging about is the Kolkata Knight Riders and apparently he is one of the no name players. Only chosen because of his fielding abilities and claiming he hasn't played yet and probably won't be chosen.

You can see for yourself how interesting this wrighter is

I'm looking forward to more of his blogs and will be sad to see the tourny end and maybe the blog as well.

Till next time

Bunny Ciao

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