Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What is it with celebrities that draws us common folk to them? There are quite a few of the Bollywood celebs in Durban at the moment. One that stands out is Preity Zinta. She's the typical girl next door beauty. Pulling off looking great with minimal make-up and seen around town and at the stadiums in her jeans and sneakers, sporting her team shirt. The Kings XI Punjab.

Recently one of my friends got invited to a dinner at the Indian Consulate that hosted four of the teams from the IPL. Preity was a guest of honor. I wouldn't know what my reaction would be if I had to meet someone so stunning. I guess I would be really nervous and the experience would leave me weak kneed for a good few hours after that.

The IPL has a few more weeks before its conclusion in SA. Hopefully I would get the opportunity to meet some of the players and maybe Preity Zinta too!

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