Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend 2009

Most of my friends were out of town so it was just Victor and myself for most of the weekend. We spent most of our time at Spiga on Florida Road. Lot's of eye candy this weekend. While we were there we witnessed yet another Spiga Smash. A chap in a Fiat Uno smacked into a stationary Mozzie Cab. It just so happened that five 0 were passing by at the time of the accident and they were two burly female cops. One of them roughed up the Uno driver and threw him into the back of the van. Apparently he had been drinking. That was enough excitement for the evening. We did stop by Panama where a beautiful girl flashed her left tit at me.

Joe Cools was another pleasant experience on Sunday afternoon. A few drinks with a couple of friends and meeting Ryk Neetling. We had to hit Vacca after that.

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